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Entry #4

Sorry guys.

2007-10-04 01:25:58 by SirXVII

But this account has just been given up.

Password an all.

So yeah.



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2007-10-04 02:49:27

lol wtf is a dietfunk guise

SirXVII responds:

God knows why he chose dietfunk17 for a password, but oh well. It's my account now.


2007-10-12 17:39:37

But.... But... You're one of the first 50 audio song submitters! You can't leave now :'(

SirXVII responds:

Oh my.. Well..... that's too bad. D:


2007-10-29 02:05:29

Ignore the previous comment. I read the topic.

SirXVII responds:

Finally. olol


2007-10-29 02:42:43


SirXVII responds:

Who am I? I am everyone.


2007-11-12 07:10:45

a told b
and b told c
i'll meet you at the top of the coconut tree

chikka chikka boom boom
will there be enough room

SirXVII responds:

I am not of the understanding of your references.


2008-08-01 21:48:21

Gah! Its not right. :( PM me your password but make sure to put a space in it somewhere. I would kill for this account.


2008-12-23 17:33:24

are you the one who did the post about atheism, or was that the other guy?