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My First News Post! I'll Say Something Worthwhile.

2007-07-17 18:46:51 by SirXVII

So how about this brand new sexy layout? I'm loving every minute of this. I've updated a few things in my profile, but I'm still not done. I hope everyone likes the nice little header I made (if you check it out).

Anyway, I want to say something that has been bothering me for quite some time: Family Guy and Dane Cook.

First thing is that I want to know why the hell anyone would find Dane Cook funny? I decided to "Buy" one of his latest CD's just to see if it was funny. I did not laugh a single bit during his CD. It's like he takes all this energy he has and lashes it out in a spew of verbal diarrhea. Constant unfunny jokes and little quips make up his entire routine and his almost slapstick type humor doesn't even help. He's a comedian that you have to see to think funny and even then he's not very funny.

Dane Cook should have been popular for like a month, but instead his popularity extended to movies. Which is fine by me because he decided to branch out in films such as Mr. Brooks (which I haven't seen).

Then there is Family Guy. A show about stupid obscure pop culture from Era's I wasn't even alive during and random cutaways that are pretty hilarious. At least that's what the show used to bring about. Yes, Family Guy is not funny anymore as it tries to be something more then it really is.

It seems that Seth McFarlane likes to insert his own opinions and voice into a show that doesn't really need it. It shows right about the time the show comes back. Stewie is a completely different character and Brian is basically Seth McFarlane voicing his opinions. The jokes are basically the same kind of jokes that we have seen made before Against the Bush Administration, Gay Marriage, Against Christianity, etc etc. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't so spiteful.

For example, there was an episode where the mayor made a gold statue of something or another. In this episode he decided to distract the attention from the useless thing he did by focusing on gay marriage and outlawing it.

Wow, if anyone can't see the parable there then I think that this country is in trouble.

Instead the episodes are now turned into eye rollers and constant attempts to insert that little joke into the show. The funny thing was that the show was bad because the episodes really had no time line or plot anymore. Peter didn't work at the factory and now you have no real idea where he is working. It ends up becoming a complete mess and now their attempts at plot are so convoluted and persnickety that I can't stand to watch the show anymore.


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2007-07-18 00:48:25



2007-07-18 00:50:48

I love the lez theme you have going on here :P


2007-07-18 00:53:32

Brian Regan pwns Dane Cook.

SirXVII responds:

Brian Regan isn't that funny either.


2007-07-18 00:57:22

What about Dylan Moran or Lewis Black ?

SirXVII responds:

Lewis Black is great albit that his newer stuff isn't as good. Still funny, but not AS funny.


2007-07-18 03:39:04

what? lesbians? what lesbians?


2007-07-18 15:36:21

i like the lesbians


2007-07-18 19:35:04

fucking, yeah you're right about family guy. i haven't even bothered to watch it in a year or more.


2007-07-22 00:04:23

I also liek teh lesbians.


2007-08-12 01:06:08

uhhhhh, peter still works at the beer factory


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