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Sorry guys.

2007-10-04 01:25:58 by SirXVII

But this account has just been given up.

Password an all.

So yeah.


Zeitgeist is Complete Bullshit.

2007-08-25 03:39:43 by SirXVII

Why is Zeitgeist a big piece of conspiracy theory crap? Let me tell you.

Zeitgeist is another dull movie with scary pictures and dramatic music that fondly reminds me of Loose Change. Only this one is is more convoluted and idiotic. The fact that most people on the Internet are so accepting to this film astounds me. Well... actually doesn't because information of the average person on the Internet is like this. Someone hands you a piece of cheese and calls it cake. One person says it isn't cake and another insults you for it. Then that someone comes up with a well thought out plot as to why he thinks its cake and that words are meaningless. How did we come up with the word cheese instead of cake? Therefore he has all rights to call it cake. One person sees the point and spreads the idea saying how fantastic and wonderful it is. It spreads like wildfire and people are now calling cheese "cake". When in fact it is still a fucking block of cheese.

Now immediately I noticed the problem with Zeitgeist was the fact that the maker of this "documentary" has the religious knowledge of a poodle. He took many religious figures and gave them basic parables to Jesus Christ despite the fact the most of those aren't looked in depth or are just grossly inaccurate.

Take for example Jesus's Birthday. If you have common knowledge you will now that Jesus's birthday was set on December 25th to replace that of Bacchus. Jesus's birthday was not, in fact, on December 25th. Yet, he states throughout the film that his Birthday IS on December 25th. When in fact it says in the Bible that there were "shepherds in the field". This would indicate that Jesus was most likely born during the spring as well all should know that in that period Sheep did not graze in the winter.

Another example is the God Horus. Horus's story is pretty much inaccurate to hell other than the fact that he died and came to life again. You should all know that, in fact, there are many religious figures out there who have died and come back to life. Jesus wasn't the one who started the trend. Horus's story, if you ask any college professor or do...I dunno...basic Internet fact checking is not like he had said. Horus's mother was not a virgin as she had sex with a disembodied penis from Hours's father. He was never crucified. He had followers, but they were never called Disciples nor were there a specific numbers. It never really said he was born on December 25th.

Still you could look for basic rock hard parables to many religious figures, but if you look down at the stories and how detailed and different they are you learn that each one of them are unique in their own way and in others are not alike at all.

The movie rambles on about this while people soak it up like a sponge.

Then it moves on the the 9/11 conspiracy despite the fact that many of them have be disproved time and time again and only to assert them would make you look like a fool. The only way you don't look like a fool is that you tell this and share it with a person who is as dumb and gullible as you are. I'm not even going to try to disprove this as I have time and time again shown factual evidence that Loose Change is a load of rubbish. So if you really want some facts to it just look at some great websites who offer a different side of the story. A detailed explanation as to how the towers collapsed and how it was not perpetrated by greasy moose aliens who shot a rocket into the buildings because the US government wanted money.

Then it moves on to stuff about banking, but I've gotten so upset and frustrated with the long piece of junk that I stopped paying attention. According what other people have told me is that the US government and the governments of North America are trying to set up a money system similar to that of the Euro. This is to further create the plans to make a one world government even though that is a load of rubbish. The Euro was created for the most part because of practicality. So many European countries that live so close to each other have to change their money constantly because they live so bloody close. The Euro's pretty much fixed this. There were also some European Union stuff and crap like that, but I won't go into detail.

Anyway, if you take this film as fact then you are most likely the kind of person who sits at their desk with a point metal hat. However, if you have more questions about it then just use your basic Google search button therefore you can actually look that stuff up for yourself other than having someone else tell you that it's real.

This Will Change Your Life.

2007-08-14 15:35:49 by SirXVII

I swear it. bSpk

So how about this brand new sexy layout? I'm loving every minute of this. I've updated a few things in my profile, but I'm still not done. I hope everyone likes the nice little header I made (if you check it out).

Anyway, I want to say something that has been bothering me for quite some time: Family Guy and Dane Cook.

First thing is that I want to know why the hell anyone would find Dane Cook funny? I decided to "Buy" one of his latest CD's just to see if it was funny. I did not laugh a single bit during his CD. It's like he takes all this energy he has and lashes it out in a spew of verbal diarrhea. Constant unfunny jokes and little quips make up his entire routine and his almost slapstick type humor doesn't even help. He's a comedian that you have to see to think funny and even then he's not very funny.

Dane Cook should have been popular for like a month, but instead his popularity extended to movies. Which is fine by me because he decided to branch out in films such as Mr. Brooks (which I haven't seen).

Then there is Family Guy. A show about stupid obscure pop culture from Era's I wasn't even alive during and random cutaways that are pretty hilarious. At least that's what the show used to bring about. Yes, Family Guy is not funny anymore as it tries to be something more then it really is.

It seems that Seth McFarlane likes to insert his own opinions and voice into a show that doesn't really need it. It shows right about the time the show comes back. Stewie is a completely different character and Brian is basically Seth McFarlane voicing his opinions. The jokes are basically the same kind of jokes that we have seen made before Against the Bush Administration, Gay Marriage, Against Christianity, etc etc. It wouldn't be so bad if it weren't so spiteful.

For example, there was an episode where the mayor made a gold statue of something or another. In this episode he decided to distract the attention from the useless thing he did by focusing on gay marriage and outlawing it.

Wow, if anyone can't see the parable there then I think that this country is in trouble.

Instead the episodes are now turned into eye rollers and constant attempts to insert that little joke into the show. The funny thing was that the show was bad because the episodes really had no time line or plot anymore. Peter didn't work at the factory and now you have no real idea where he is working. It ends up becoming a complete mess and now their attempts at plot are so convoluted and persnickety that I can't stand to watch the show anymore.